By Posted in - News on March 13th, 2016

We are very excited to share with you that the Ragazze Quartet will be the new artistic leader of the Amerfortissimo Festival! This chamber music festival in Amersfoort has been bringing pure and a variety of chamber music, played by Holland’s top musicians. Concerts and projects for all ages: loyal audience, connaisseurs and newly interested people.

The sixth edition this April will be the last one for founder and artistic leader Lonneke van Straalen. “I’ve always organised Amerfortissimo with a lot of love, and am very proud the way the festival developed. I’m extremely thankfull to everyone involved and our audience. But it is time for some new challenges for me.’

The Ragazze Quartet has been at Amerfortissimo several times, and is honoured by the transfer. Rosa Arnold: “The ambitions and energy of the Ragazze Quartet match perfectly the nature of this festival. The core will be astringent beautiful music, from where we will look for boundaries and occasionally cross them.”