Black Angels.

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Things were turned upside down. There were terrifying things in the air… they found their way into Black Angels.  —George Crumb

In a time where war and the threat of terrorism have great influence on politics and our society, videocollective 33 1/3 and the Ragazze Quartet present the program Black Angels, where they reflect on these contemporary themes in music and images. Good and evil are considered as polarities in the eco-system, forces that influence each other constantly, move one another and form an integrated whole. With pieces by Benjamin Britten, George Crumb and Arvo Pärt, different stages of construction, destruction and reconciliation will be shown.

In the program Black Angels music and video come together on an equal basis. The selected pieces put forward the themes described above and are leading in the dramaturgy of the program. For Black Angels 33 1/3 will create new video material, that will connect thematically with the three compositions. The music will be performed by the Ragazze Quartet and three singers of the Nederlands Kamerkoor.

The programme Black Angels is a coproduction by 33 1/3 and the Ragazze Quartet and will presented autumn 2018. By invitation of the Holland Festival, one part of the program, the composition Black Angels by George Crumb has premiered in June 2017.

Benjamin Britten Stringquartet no.1 op.25 in D major,
George Crumb Black Angels,
Arvo Pärt And One of the Pharisee


October 5 & 6 2018, 8.30pm
CC Amstel, Amsterdam

October 10 2018, 8.30pm
Festival 20/21, Leuven, Belgium (without projections and with choir Psallentes)

October 13 2018, 8.30pm
Korzo, Den Haag

October 31 2018, 8pm
Schouwburg Hengelo
Black Angels

March 18 2019, 10pm
Klara Festival, Brussels (Belgium)

Photo: Nichon Glerum