Sarah’s Passion

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Sarah’s Passion
Coproduction with Silbersee

After Match Girl Passion, Silbersee again presents a modern passion, together with the Ragazze Quartet and philosopher Ger Groot. Sarah’s Passion is a visual performance with compositions by …

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Performance for the King

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On Octobre 16 we played at a special meeting of the Dutch Parlemant for the celebration of 200 years ‘Staten Generaal’ in the Netherlands, audience including the king and lots of (ex)ministers! A real honour!

The …

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On October 11th we played the premier of our program Beethoven-MANIA, a program completely dedicated to one of the greatest, maybe even the greatest composer: Ludwig van Beethoven.

Beethoven’s string quartets have influenced the history of …

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Photo: Ben van Duin

Last Saturday was the premiere of our new music theatre collaboration with Via Berlin and Orkater: Comfortzone!

After the trilogy with the overall theme war (awarded with the Charlotte Köhler prize in 2014), …

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Kirsten leaving

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The past year we have played with much enjoyment and success with the British cellist Kirsten Jenson. Since her arrival, Kirsten adapted herself effortlessly, every concert we had a lot of fun together.

We played over …

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Reviews Česko

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We are very happy with some nice reviews for Česko!

De Volkskrant *****
‘In their hands, the Czech piece becomes a physical, rhythmic power that comes from deep within the Ragazze. Together they play chords as if …

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Wow, we are nominated for the Classical:NEXT Innovation Award!

Classical:NEXT is an annual classical music meeting. It brings the diverse scenes of classical music together and offers them a forum to exchange and develop new ideas. …

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New CD!

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During Easter, we presented our new cd Česko (our second cd with Channel Classics) at the Bethaniënklooster in Amsterdam! A fully Czech album, full of Bohemian temperament of the composers Schulhoff and Dvořák.

On Česko we …

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