Haute Couture

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We kick off the New Year in Paris at the beginning of the twentieth century. Stravinsky, Prokofiev as well as Ravel are residing in this roaring city, the centre of revolutionary movements in music, fashion …

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Tour Indonesia

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From October 5 till 16 we toured Indonesia, a tour organized by the Erasmus House in Jakarta. We played two concerts in Jakarta, one in Salatiga and one in Bandung. In the last two cities, …

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New cellist

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Last season a thrilling event took place: cellist Amber Docters van Leeuwen moved from New York to Amsterdam to immerse herself deeply into Ragazze-life. She did this with full devotion and enthusiasm.

But sadly, in the …

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Premiere Foodlifecrisis

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We have made it! Thanks to all the donations at the crowdfundingsite, this saturday will be the premiere of our new musictheatre performance: FOODLIFECRISIS. A million thanks to everyone who contributed!

Watch the trailer for …

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This summer will be the premiere of our new music theater play Foodlifecrisis at the Parade Utrecht and Amsterdam and the Grachtenfestival Amsterdam!

In FOODLIFECRISIS we see the curious ensemble of a soprano, string quartet …

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Prussia Cove

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Last month we were in Prussia Cove in England and had lessons with Erich Hobarth (Quatuor Mosaiques) and the amazing Andras Schiff.

We had an amazing time. If you would like to see more of our …

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New website

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Our new website is online! Together with our communication agency Vechtlust we worked really hard to get it up and running. We are very proud of the result! We would like to thank Vechltust, …

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The Secret Diary of Nora Plain

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A modern song cycle with singer Nora Fischer and drummer Remco Menting written by Morris Kliphuis (music) and Lucky Fonz III (lyrics), via Excelsior Recordings.

The Secret Diary of Nora Plain are twelve songs about the relations …

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Felix Mendelssohn
String Quartet no. 2 in A minor opus 13
Ludwig van Beethoven
String Quartet no. 15 in A minor opus 132

Two works from the very heart of the string quartet repertoire, and related to …

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