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This summer will be the premiere of our new music theater play Foodlifecrisis at the Parade Utrecht and Amsterdam and the Grachtenfestival Amsterdam!

beeld voor de kunst Foodlifecrisis def met tekst

In FOODLIFECRISIS we see the curious ensemble of a soprano, string quartet and a percussionist, who push, pull, hit and bite. For a place. A place of their own to sing that endless long note, to play that super-fast drumroll, or bring a serenade to a dead chicken. But time is as short as the stage is small and the competition is brutal. They play until instruments are flying around, voices crack and lives fall apart. Prepare yourself for an intriguing, moving and spectaculair play full of musical feats of strength.

Players                                                Ragazze Quartet, Nora Fischer and Remco Menting
Director and libretto                        Dagmar Slagmolen
Composition                                      Morris Kliphuis
Decor en costumedesign                 Steffie van Lamoen
Licghting design                               Maarten Warmerdam
Soundtechnician                              Rick Gobee / Neal Groot
Business leader                                Roland Spekle
Production                                        Minjon Olgers
Coproduction                                    Orkater

July 26-29 2014 de Parade, Utrecht
August 8-11 2014 de Parade, Amsterdam
August 19-22 2014 Grachtenfestival, Amsterdam