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Four Four Three

FOUR FOUR THREE is our third cd with Channel Classics Records! After our earlier more classical oriented cds ‘Vivere’ and ‘Česko’, for this release we collaborated with two ensembles from different fields: Slagwerk Den Haag with its contemporary sounds and the unusual jazz-trio Kapok.

The cd is dedicated to composer Terry Riley, one of the founders of minimal music, and shows surprising and modern interpretations of ‘In C’ and ‘Sunrise of the Planetary Dream Collector’.

Terry Riley about the cd:
“(…) an imaginative and exciting performance of that piece your group came up with. I really liked the arrangement and the awesome performance.”

You can order by sending an e-mail to or use the contactform (15 euros plus shipping).


Trouw ****
“(…) a performance with a unique atmosphere. Light floating, exotic, transparent, all equipped with a natural rhythmic drive.”

Luister  (10 out of 10)
“So much intelligence and refinement: nowhere the instruments are in each other’s way. Everyone can be who he is. Riley has a soft, thin skin which deserves to be touched with love and tenderness.”

Gramophone (Editor’s Choice award in August)
“The pulse is discreetly shunted towards the background, utterly charming the senses with an often delicate mechanism of light pizzicato strings and mallet percussion…This performance deals up moments of sheer magic.”

Watch ‘the making of’ here:

Performace at tv show Vrije Geluiden: