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Radio Russia

Radio Russia is a theatrical concert by the Ragazze Quartet together with Composer of the Netherlands Mayke Nas, writer Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer and actor Noël S. Keulen. Read more

Photo: Nichon Glerum

Black Angels

In a time where war and the threat of terrorism have great influence on politics and our society, videocollective 33 1/3 and the Ragazze Quartet present the program Black Angels, where they reflect on these contemporary themes in music and images. With pieces by Benjamin Britten, George Crumb and Arvo Pärt, different stages of construction, destruction and reconciliation will be shown. Read more

Photo: Nichon Glerum

Swinging to the Bass 
- Ragazze Quartet & Rick Stotijn (double bass)

Swinging to the Bass is a thrilling collaboration between the Ragazze Quartet and Dutch double bass virtuoso Rick Stotijn. Read more


The Secret Diary of Nora Plain

Song Cycle by Morris Kliphuis and Lucky Fonz III, performed by Nora Fischer, Ragazze Quartet and Remco Menting

The Secret Diary of Nora Plain tells the intimate story of a girl who tries to lead her own life in a world that encroaches on her further and further – into her most inner thoughts and feelings. A personal and heartbreaking narrative about the relations between society, privacy, paranoia and eroticism. Read more

Shorelines (co-production with Cryptic)

Inspired by the North Sea Flood of 1953—which left the Netherlands devastated and took many lives in the UK and Belgium—this new music-theatre work explores the beauty and catastrophic power of the sea at a time of increased risk from climate change. Centred on a rare eyewitness testimony of a survivor from Canvey Island, Essex (UK), Shorelines follows the moments after the flood, as hope is tattered by the cold isolation of the torrents that overwhelm. Read more


fellow travelers nr 3
Fellow Travelers

The Ragazze Quartet follow their dreams to the United States of America – surrounded by a decor of photos showing New York evolving over the last 150 years.





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Planetary Sunrise

Ragazze Quartet, Kapok, Slagwerk Den Haag and Blauwe Uur present Planetary Sunrise: a nightly, visual and hallucinatory concert inspired by the ‘all night concerts’ of composer Terry Riley in the seventies.




An enchanting concert about the night in music, image and text, together with Poet of The Netherlands Anne Vegter. Read more



Sketches by Henriette Tilanus for Haute Couture

Haute Couture

The Ragazze Quartet, dressed in haute couture by young Dutch designer Henriette Tilanus plays masterpieces from fashion city Paris in beginning of the 20th century. Read more



This Czech oriented program full of folklore and passion, is based around Janáceks first string quartet: Kreutzersonate, by the novel by Lev Tolstoj. Read more


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A program completely dedicated to one of the greatest, maybe even the greatest composer: Ludwig van Beethoven. Read more