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Shorelines (co-production with Cryptic)
tour 2017

Inspired by the North Sea Flood of 1953—which left the Netherlands devastated and took many lives in the UK and Belgium—this new music-theatre work explores the beauty and catastrophic power of the sea at a time of increased risk from climate change. Centred on a rare eyewitness testimony of a survivor from Canvey Island, Essex (UK), Shorelines follows the moments after the flood, as hope is tattered by the cold isolation of the torrents that overwhelm.

The four women of The Ragazze Quartet are the protagonists of sound, action and visuals in this energised performance, straddling the genres of concert and theatre. Time is stretched, cut and reassembled in the no man’s land, which the survivors inhabit. The audience waits with these survivors as they strive for a way forward and seek to challenge how countries affected by the extreme results of climate change have reacted and developed in order to become more resilient.

Promo clip about Shorelines:

Composed by Oliver Coates | Performed by the Ragazze Quartet
Directed by Josh Armstrong | Designed by Christophe Coppens
Lighting Design by Nich Smith

Tour 2017
May 19, 10.00pm, Operadagen Rotterdam
May 20, 7.00pm, Operadagen Rotterdam
November 1 & 2 november, Sonica, Glasgow
November 8, 8.00pm, Theater de Singel, Antwerpen (Belgium)
November 10, 7.00pm  and 9.00pm, November Music, Den Bosch

Shorelines is produced by Cryptic en Ragazze Quartet
with the financial support of Fast Forward, Performing Arts Fund NL; Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Kersjes Fonds en de Eduard van Beinum Stichting (EVBS)
in collaboration with: deSingel, Antwerp & Grand Theatre Groningen
photo: Charlie de Keersmaecker

The Secret Diary of Nora Plain

Song Cycle by Morris Kliphuis and Lucky Fonz III
performed by Nora Fischer, Ragazze Quartet and Remco Menting










The Secret Diary of Nora Plain tells the intimate story of a girl who tries to lead her own life in a world that encroaches on her further and further – into her most inner thoughts and feelings. A personal and heartbreaking narrative about the relations between society, privacy, paranoia and eroticism.

This song cycle, enveloped by the sultry sounds of a string quartet and the unpredictable rhythms of a jazz drummer, will be performed by the adventurous singer Nora Fischer, the Ragazze Quartet and Remco Menting. The lyrics were written by Dutch singer-songwriter Lucky Fonz III, the music by composer Morris Kliphuis.

The ensemble is inspired by the song cycles of Franz Schubert as well as by the Juliet Letters by Elvis Costello & The Brodsky Quartet, in giving new life to this formula in a groundbreaking project with lyrics and music of our own time.

Nora Fischer, Ragazze Quartet, Remco Menting
Composition: Morris Kliphuis
Libretto: Lucky Fonz III


Fellow Travelers

The Ragazze Quartet follow their dreams to the United States of America – surrounded by a decor of photos showing New York evolving over the last 150 years.

fellow travelers nr 3

Anton Dvořák   Stringquartet no.12 in F major op.96 ‘American’
John Adams      ‘John’s Book of Alleged Dances’ or ‘Fellow Traveler’
Béla Bartók       Stringquartet no.2

The land of infinite possibilities: the United States of America. But is it really? Both Béla Bartók and Antonín Dvořák could not find happiness there, despite their fame overseas. But no one can deny that it is impressive, if you see the skyline of New York City appearing for the first time.

Fellow Travelers is an American concert, with music by the American ‘minimal’ composer John Adams, and the previously named Dvořák and Bartók, who both travelled to New York and wrote a few of their masterpieces there.

The Ragazze Quartet brings the skyscrapers of New York to the concert hall: they will play in a decor designed around world famous photos of New York, transforming from the 19th century until the present.

Performers: Ragazze Quartet
Decor: Felipe Gonzáles Cabezas
For more information and bookings Roland Spekle, roland et

Tour October 4 untill April 23, 2017 in The Netherlands and Sweden.

Planetary Sunrise

Oreol visuals WEB

Ragazze Quartet, Kapok, Slagwerk Den Haag and Blauwe Uur present Planetary Sunrise: a nightly, visual and hallucinatory concert inspired by the ‘all night concerts’ of composer Terry Riley in the seventies.
At sundown the dunes of Terschelling transform into an extraordinary world of patterns, colours and sounds. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

June 10 – 19 Oerol, Terschelling
July 22 – 24 Wonderfeel, ‘s Graveland (concert version)

Terry Riley In C ; Terry Riley Sunrise of the Planetary Dream Collector; Kapok New composition (worldpremière)

Performers: Ragazze Quartet, Kapok, Slagwerk Den Haag
Light and projections: Blauwe Uur
End direction: Ria Marks
Costume advice: Dieuweke van Reij
Sound technician: Harry Zwerver
Production: Redmar de Haan
Business manager: Roland Spekle
Image: Lava
Thanks to: Fonds Podiumkunsten, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, AFK, Kersjesfonds, Lava, Stichting Amici delle Ragazze, Stichting Strijkkwartetten Nederland

An enchanting concert about the night in music, image and text, together with Poet of The Netherlands Anne Vegter

György Ligeti                  String quartet no.1 ‘Metamorphoses Nocturnes’
Terry Riley                      Sunrise of the Planetary Dream Collector
Arnold Schönberg        Sextet op.4 ‘Verklärte Nacht’

Nocturne is a poetic concert by the Ragazze Quartet, together with violist Dana Zemtsov (winner of the Kersjes scholarship 2014), cellist Ketevan Roinishvili (finalist Dutch Classical Talent 2015), light designer Maarten Warmerdam and Poet of The Netherlands Anne Vegter. It will be an asso- ciative concert in music, image and text.

Anne’s words will be interweaved with the music as an extra musical line through several passages. Sometimes it will fit the music perfectly, sometimes they will take their own course. Of course the text will refer to the night, nightly relations and encounters. Because – like in the music of Ligeti, Riley and Schönberg – at night feelings are more complex, richer and more intense than in broad daylight.

Performers Ragazze Quartet, Dana Zemtsov (altviool), Ketevan Roinishvili (cello), Anne Vegter (tekst)
Poems Anne Vegter
Light Maarten Warmerdam
End direction Anthony Heidweiller
Dramaturgy Dagmar Slagmolen
Thanks to: St. Amici delle Ragazze, het Kersjes Fonds, St. BOO, Xander van Meerwijk, Vechtlust Amsterdam, St. Kamermuziek Amsterdam

19 april 2016             Nutszaal, Enkhuizen
24 april 2016            Muziekgebouw, Eindhoven
24 april 2016            Filosofisch Literair Café, Haarlem
21 mei 2016              Muziekgebouw aan t IJ, Amsterdam
15 sep 2016              Nyenrode, Breukelen
16 sep 2016               Villa Augustus, Dordrecht

Haute Couture
(spring 2015)

The Ragazze Quartet, dressed in haute couture by young Dutch designer Henriette Tilanus plays masterpieces from fashion city Paris in beginning of the 20th century.

Sketches by Henriette Tilanus for Haute Couture

In the beginning of the 20th century Stravinsky, Prokofiev as well as Ravel were living in Paris. In between the little black dresses by Chanel and the colourful costumes of the Ballets Russes, they are composing notes on paper like patterns in a fabric. The string quartet by Ravel minutely like lace, the wealth of colours by Prokofiev and the theatrical approach in three short pieces by Stravinsky.

The Ragazze asked young Dutch couturier Henriette Tilanus to design four dresses inspired by these three fashionable composers.

Stravinsky – Three Pieces
Prokofiev – String Quartet no. 1
Ravel – String Quartet

Enddirector Jorinde Keesmaat
Stage Design Jurjen Alkema and Nichon Glerum
Lighting Design Maarten Warmerdam
Financial Manager Roland Spekle
Production Rosa Haker

Made possible by:

Petronella Andriessen Fonds
Nico Richter en Hetta Rester Fonds

Prins-Bernhard-Cultuurfonds_alternatief_RGB_logo  Logo-Bakkenist-Foundation-4D001D












This Czech oriented program full of folklore and passion, is based around Janáceks first string quartet: Kreutzersonate, by the novel by Lev Tolstoj.

Writer/actress Dagmar Slagmolen adapted Tolstojs words to a musical story. Intertwined with the music actor Porgy Franssen will tell the story about a married couple who fight with love and lust, loyalty and unfaithfulness, jealousy and revenge. (possibility to perform in English and German, with local actor)

E. Schulhoff                        String Quartet no. 1
L. Janacek               String Quartet no. 1 ‘Kreutzersonata’ with storyteller
A. Dvorak              String Quartet op. 106 in G major



Ludwig van Beethoven
String quartet op. 18 no 6 in B flat major
String quartet op. 95 in F minor ‘Serioso’
String quartet op. 132 in A minor

_DSC3814 v1

A program completely dedicated to one of the greatest, maybe even the greatest composer: Ludwig van Beethoven. Beethoven’s string quartets have influenced the history of classical musical tremendously. After his revolutionary late quartets, many composers barely dared to touch this genre: how could one exceed the genius of Beethoven’s extreme inventions?

In this concert, the Ragazze Quartet shows Beethoven’s development as a composer. From his early quartets -still in the classical style-, via the stormy ‘Serioso’ to his extensive opus 132, where, despite his long-standing deafness, Beethoven’s musical fantasy took him further than ever before.