Shorelines (co-production with Cryptic).

By Posted in - News on January 11th, 2013

Inspired by the North Sea Flood of 1953—which left the Netherlands devastated and took many lives in the UK and Belgium—this new music-theatre work explores the beauty and catastrophic power of the sea at a time of increased risk from climate change. Centred on a rare eyewitness testimony of a survivor from Canvey Island, Essex (UK), Shorelines follows the moments after the flood, as hope is tattered by the cold isolation of the torrents that overwhelm.

The four women of The Ragazze Quartet are the protagonists of sound, action and visuals in this energised performance, straddling the genres of concert and theatre. Time is stretched, cut and reassembled in the no man’s land, which the survivors inhabit. The audience waits with these survivors as they strive for a way forward and seek to challenge how countries affected by the extreme results of climate change have reacted and developed in order to become more resilient.

Promo clip about Shorelines:

Composed by Oliver Coates | Performed by the Ragazze Quartet
Directed by Josh Armstrong | Designed by Christophe Coppens
Lighting Design by Nich Smith

Shorelines is produced by Cryptic en Ragazze Quartet
with the financial support of Fast Forward, Performing Arts Fund NL; Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Kersjes Fonds en de Eduard van Beinum Stichting (EVBS)
in collaboration with: deSingel, Antwerp & Grand Theatre Groningen
photo: Charlie de Keersmaecker