Sleepless in September.

By Posted in - Programme on January 15th, 2017

Morton Feldman & the immortal jelly fish

Night Concert @ September Me chamber music festival
Friday 21 september 2018, 11 PM, Flint Amersfoort
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During this all night concert a wonderous world made out of the finest sounds, unfolds around the audience. The magical Second String Quartet by Morton Feldman, one of the composers of the New York School to which John Cage also belonged, can last an extraordinary six hours.

For this ultimate concentration exertion Ragazze Quartet will collaborate with the video makers of Blauwe Uur (a former highly successful production of this combination was Planetary Sunrise at Oerol). They will look for inspiration in the eternally living jelly fish Turritopsis Dohrnii or Turritopsis Nutricula to visually translate Feldman’s music. In a transformed concert hall in which bounderies between waking and sleeping fade away, the audience is invited to make themselves at home on beds and beanbags, and to surrender to Morton Feldman’s spell.

After the event the audience is very welcome to stay on their beds and sleep the rest of the night away.